Pending Revisions

We have installed a plugin called PublishPress Revisions Pro. This tool allows us to make edits to a post (by which I mean a page, or other post type) and to keep those edits in a pending state before publishing them.

Ordinarily when you edit a post in WordPress there are two primary states of that post – Draft and Published. When a post is in draft mode, you can resave it as many times as you want without anyone seeing those changes. However, once a post published you are only faced with the option of publishing the change right away, or revert the to a draft. When you revert to a draft the page is no longer publicly available.

This plugin allows us to make edits to a published post without immediately pushing those changes live. This involves creating a pending revision.

How to create a pending revision of a published page

Open the edit screen for the page, make your changes and then activate the new checkbox in the upper right corner of the edit screen to the right of the Update button. This changes the Update button to Save Revision. Click that to create the pending revision.

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Creating a pending revision.

After you save the revision you are presented with 4 options.

Preview It: Previewing will give you an accurate preview of the pending revision which is unaffected by the preview limitations related to custom fields.

Edit the Revision: You can return to the edit page for the revision and make further changes.

View the Revision Queue: The Revision Queue will show you what revisions you have access to, and you can manage those revisions from there.

Return to Edit Pages: This will go to the usual Edit Pages admin list.

Returning to a Pending Revision

You will likely want to return to a pending revision at a later time so that you can make further edits or publish the changes. When you look at the post list, you will see “– Has Revision” appended to the post name in the cases where a pending revision has been created.

Important Note: if you click on the Edit link for that post you will be taken to the edit screen for the published page. This is not the revision. To get to the revision, you need to first click on the link for Revision Queue and select the revision you want to edit.

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Options for post that has revisions

In the Revision Queue you will see the pending revisions. Click Edit here under the post you want to edit.

Approve/Publish a Revision

When you edit a pending revision you will now see some different links in the upper right corner of the edit screen.

An Update Revision link will allow you to save changes to your revision (without publishing the changes live). A View / Approve link will allow you to see a full and accurate preview of your revision and that preview will have a green bar across the top that will allow you to Compare, View Published Post, Edit, or Publish Now. The last link in this set will publish your changes – wholly replacing the original published post.

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Editing and publishing a pending revision

Other Functions/Capabilities

This plugin has a number of features beyond what is described above, mainly in the area of managing an approval workflow using Pending Revisions. To learn more about the other capabilities and how to use them, you can reference the PublishPress Revisions Pro Documentation.