Grid Blocks

The grid blocks are those that will insert a whole grid of content into the page.  In each case, you can either select a taxonomy filter that will define which elements appear in the grid, or you can select the individual items.

It’s not practical to preview the full set of selected items within the Block Editor, so for these Grid Blocks, we show a placeholder instead.  This is what the placeholders look like for each grid type.

Editing Grid Block Properties

For all Grid Blocks, except the Post Grid, there are two ways to select the items that you want to appear in the grid – 1. Using Filter and 2. Choosing Items.

With the filter, you can get a list of items that correspond to a given program (e.g. CLCL, EPLI etc.) or another criteria (e.g. event type, user role, etc.).

Since you can’t preview these grids in the editor itself, you’ll want to preview your page/post before publishing to make sure that it has what you want.