Alternating Image Row Block

There is a layout that is currently supported on the PACS website where there are rows that contain an image on one side and text on the other, where the orientation of text vs. image alternates from one row to the next, as follows.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is PH03BhV1pe11O8VSL4jM5Pjk1ZMsaeCBrAnQUeWvNgkO1s-l5tmmPBp19ASC_BhxC26KTkMQ2Qb80EjsHdDDpzb04155uGrxGWcEs35tKoDVKUZo2dPJjfEwHgeu7ya_F_jmNXNl

You can see also that there is a notch on the inside edge in each case.  We have created a custom block that represents a single row of this layout.  The alignment can be set individually, and you can stack multiple rows one after the other.

To add an “Alternating Image Row”, you would select that block type when adding a new block, then you would use the form fields in the right-hand sidebar of the edit screen to define the image and the copy.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is KpTF_YZOGP14psSB1a3PL_ousjYJLkC0AGlgSv2Iwb8WE2NalywmCj7Mts6MSq-yH_sosWvw0-hjcmkzRkesO1Lp3XT1T1g1n_TUvz-9e3-x2T_QSO8jo2cpVqOQx4DPszU1l7El
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