Add a Person

The People list feeds the directory and the other personnel lists under the about section of the website. It also feeds the people lists within the various program sections. There are several tags that need to be selected that will define where that person will appear on those pages.

To add a person, select People from the left admin sidebar menu. You will see a list of people that have already been added. To add a new person, click Add New.

Enter the person’s full name as the title of this post (people are technically posts, just like any other post type). Their bio goes in the body of the page, and the person’s photo should be set as the featured image. This constitutes the primary post data, but the person won’t show up anywhere without some additional data and tagging.

There are additional data fields below the main body of the person record, and there are tags that need to be set in the right sidebar column under the Document tab.

Additional Data Fields

There are two groups of data fields, People and People Status, which are described below.

Person Details

This provides an opportunity to share additional information about the person, namely…

  • Identity Tab
    • Last Name – This is very important because it defines the sort order
    • Title – This is the person’s job title
  • Contact and Links Tab – include this data only if you want it displayed
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Links – This can be social or blog links, or anything else
  • Location Tab – This feeds the map view of the data
    • Organization
    • City
    • State
    • Country
    • Latitude and Longitude – No input is required as these are auto-calculated according to the above info
  • Unused Fields (for now) – This contains some fields we were considering using, but will have no effect at the moment.

Person Status

This section defines whether a person should appear at all in various places.

  • Active? – Uncheck this if the person should not appear anywhere on the site.
  • Include on PACS People Page – Uncheck this if you want the person excluded from the overall directory
  • Include on Program People Page(s) – Uncheck if you want this person excluded from the an individual program’s page.

Note: The above toggles define whether a person CAN appear in the designated places. It doesn’t define whether they WILL appear. That is dictated by various logical filters etc.


The key to defining where a person appears in any given place is the tagging associated with each person.

Program Affiliation

In the right sidebar of a person’s edit page, check the program or programs that the person is affiliated with. This will allow them to show up on the individual program’s people page, and to show up when a program affiliation filter is applied.


Check the role or roles that apply to this person. This isn’t their job title. That is defined in the Person Details section. The role will define when the person shows up when role filters are applied. This can include when the filter is applied manually, like in the Directory page, or when it’s applied automatically, like in the Advisory Board page.

Fellow Years

If the person is a Fellow, you should check the academic year or years that are applicable.

Like all the other tagging, this one is quite important. In addition to providing information to someone looking at the person’s profile, it also defines whether the person will appear by default in the list.

Generally, Fellows, of any type, will appear by default if and only if they are tagged with the most recent (current) academic year. Others can be found through search or filtering by that specific year, but they will not appear automatically.