Add a Page

For the most part, if you’re adding a new page to the website, you’ll want to Add a Page. That may seem self-evident, but when you add other content, like a video or an event for example, those create pages, but they are what we refer to as a custom post type and are added differently. If you want to add that kind of content, see the documentation page that corresponds to that post type.

Adding a Page

Selecting the Program and the Parent

Most pages on the PACS website reside within a section that corresponds to one of the research labs. There are two settings we want to set for every page. To get to these settings you might need to click on the Document tab in the right sidebar.

  • Program – This defines the program under which this page is meant to appear. This is not an absolute requirement for pages as it is with some other post types, but selecting this is a good habit to get into.
  • Parent Page – This defines the location of the page within the website structure. The page’s URL will include the parent slug as well as its own as if it were in a subdirectory of the parent. The parent itself can have a parent.
Selecting Program and Parent

Related Links

All posts and pages provide you with the means to specify a set of related links. These selected links will appear at the bottom of the page/post, grouped by type. Any link created will produce a reciprocal link on the page/post being linked to. Find out more about Related Links.