Handling Legacy Content

There is no need to ‘enable’ the Block Editor.  It will be the default editor you are presented with for the main body of any page/post.

In the case of existing pages/posts you will be using the block editor, but all of the original content that was in the original body content will appear in a single block that is referred to as a “Classic Editor Block”.  This block emulates the original classic editor, offering the same WYSIWYG editing tools that were originally available. 

Note: If a page made use of the Advanced Content modules, that content will not appear in the Classic Editor Block.  That remains in a series of metaboxes below the body section of the editor page.

Migrating a Classic Editor Block

You can convert the contents of the “Classic Editor Block” to individual blocks so that they can be edited and manipulated using the Block Editor by clicking the three dots above the block and choosing “Convert to Blocks”.

Note: Content typically doesn’t convert perfectly.  You may find that the layouts don’t always convert perfectly, and you may have to adjust the blocks after conversion.  In the animation below, you can see that the image alignment is not maintained and would need to be reset.  This is an unavoidable aspect of the conversion, but the adjustments are only needed once.

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Handling “Advanced Content”

If you were using Advanced Content modules in the Classic Editor those are not automatically converted into blocks. Some manual work is required to reproduce the same layouts and functionality within the new block editor.  You are not required to migrate the Advanced Content right away as it will continue to be supported.

The details of how to reproduce each block type from the Advanced Content is described in detail further on in this document.

There are a few notes to share this subject.

  • The Advanced Content section may be collapsed and you may need to click the down arrow in that panel to expose the contents.
  • Whether the panel is open or closed has no effect on whether the advanced content is active or not.  That can only be changed using the toggle within that panel.
  • When you recreate an Advanced Content block in the Block Editor, you’ll need to remove it from the Advanced Content to prevent it from showing up twice.
  • When you switch a page/post over to the Block Editor and convert the Classic Editor Block to Blocks, you shouldn’t switch back to the Classic Editor.

Note About Metaboxes

The metadata associated with a post is unaffected by the editor switch, except that all metadata boxes (metaboxes) are moved to the bottom of the editing screen, below the block editor itself.  There are some post types that previously had the metaboxes above the editor.